OU - National Drug Code Directory

NDC Proprietary Name Non Proprietary Name Labeler Name
63776-402 Ouch anti-interleukin-1.alpha. immunoglobulin g rabbit, apomorphine, arnica montana, metenkefalin, bryonia alba root, hypericum perforatum, bos taurus hypothalamus, sus scrofa hypothalamus, bos taurus limbic system, sus scrofa limbic system, bos taurus nerve, sus scrofa nerve, bos taurus pituitary gland, sus scrofa pituitary gland VIATREXX BIO INCORPORATED
51979-001 Ouch Aid Dr. Hauschka SkinCare Inc.
53208-491 OUHI CELL POWER NO 1 ESSENCE LG Household and Healthcare, Inc.
70253-016 Our Family Nash-Finch Company
70253-022 Our Family Nash Finch Company
70253-059 Our Family Nash-Finch Company
70253-106 Our Family Nash Finch Company
64525-0545 Our Family day time severe cold and Cough Quality Home Products
63691-009 Our Family Dish and Antibacterial Citrus Burst Scent Sun Products Corporation
64525-0546 Our Family night time severe cold and cough Quality Home Products
69594-001 Out Back Pain Relief Ultra Mix (Aust) Pty Ltd
43979-550 Out Back Pain Relief Elmore Oil Company Pty Ltd
54860-076 Out of This Swirled Hand sanitizer Benzalkonium Chloride Shenzhen Lantern Science Co., Ltd.
69594-005 Outback 2 in 1 Protection Ultra Mix (Aust) Pty Ltd
43979-445 Outback 2-in-1 Elmore Oil Company Pty Ltd
43979-446 Outback Series 2-in-1 Sunscreen Elmore Oil Company Pty Ltd
63029-531 Outgro Benzocaine Medtech Products Inc.
34666-271 Outpain Acontium napellus, apis mellifica, arnica, bryonia, calendula officinalis, camphora, hamamelis, phytolacca, rhus toxicodendron, symphitum NARTEX LABORATORIOS HOMEOPATICOS SA DE CV
51009-911 Outrageous Orange Anticavity - OFT51 MRT SODIUM MONOFLUOROPHOSPHATE Tom's of Maine, Inc.