103TH0100X Taxonomy Code - Health Service

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Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers


Health Service

NCCU Provider Taxonomy Version 17.1

A psychologist, certified/licensed at the independent practice level in his/her state, who is duly trained and experienced in the delivery of direct, preventative, assessment, and therapeutic intervention services to individuals whose growth, adjustment, or functioning is actually impaired or is demonstrably at high risk of impairment (1974).

Level III - Area of Specialization

Related Taxonomy Codes

No. Taxonomy Code Taxonomy Clasification Taxonomy Specialization
1 103T00000X Psychologist
2 103TA0400X Psychologist Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)
3 103TA0700X Psychologist Adult Development & Aging
4 103TB0200X Psychologist Cognitive & Behavioral
5 103TC0700X Psychologist Clinical
6 103TC1900X Psychologist Counseling
7 103TC2200X Psychologist Clinical Child & Adolescent
8 103TE1000X Psychologist Educational
9 103TE1100X Psychologist Exercise & Sports
10 103TF0000X Psychologist Family
11 103TF0200X Psychologist Forensic
12 103TH0004X Psychologist Health
13 103TM1700X Psychologist Men & Masculinity
14 103TM1800X Psychologist Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities
15 103TP0016X Psychologist Prescribing (Medical)
16 103TP0814X Psychologist Psychoanalysis
17 103TP2700X Psychologist Psychotherapy
18 103TP2701X Psychologist Group Psychotherapy
19 103TR0400X Psychologist Rehabilitation
20 103TS0200X Psychologist School
21 103TW0100X Psychologist Women

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