225XE0001X Taxonomy Code - Environmental Modification

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Respiratory, Developmental, Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers

Occupational Therapist

Environmental Modification

NCCU Provider Taxonomy Version 17.1

Occupational therapy practitioners are experts at identifying the cause of difficulties in performance of activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living. Occupational therapy practitioners evaluate the client, their environment, and their occupational performance in that environment, as well as make recommendations for products to improve the fit between the client, place, and activity. Occupational therapists can evaluate both the skills of the client and the environmental features that support or limit the performance of meaningful or necessary activities, thereby enhancing health, safety and well-being. Based on this assessment, they recommend modification and intervention strategies that improve the fit between the person and his or her environment.

Level III - Area of Specialization

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No. Taxonomy Code Taxonomy Clasification Taxonomy Specialization
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4 225XG0600X Occupational Therapist Gerontology
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6 225XH1300X Occupational Therapist Human Factors
7 225XL0004X Occupational Therapist Low Vision
8 225XM0800X Occupational Therapist Mental Health
9 225XN1300X Occupational Therapist Neurorehabilitation
10 225XP0019X Occupational Therapist Physical Rehabilitation
11 225XP0200X Occupational Therapist Pediatrics
12 225XR0403X Occupational Therapist Driving and Community Mobility

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