243U00000X Taxonomy Code - Radiology Practitioner Assistant

Taxonomy Code

Code: 243U00000X

Type: Technologists, Technicians & Other Technical Service Providers

Classification: Radiology Practitioner Assistant

Specialization: N/A

Level: Level II - Classification

Definition: A Radiology Practitioner Assistant (RPA) is a health professional certified as a registered radiographer with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and, in addition, is credentialed to provide primary radiology health care with radiologist supervision. Radiology Practitioner Assistants are qualified by graduation from an educational program recognized by the Board of Directors of athe Certification Board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants (CBRPA) and certified by the CBRPA. Within the Radiologist/RPA relationship, Radiology Practitioner Assistants exercise autonomy in decision making in the role of a primary caregiver with regard to patient assessment, patient management and in providing a broad range of radiology diagnostic and interventional services. The clinical role of the Radiology Practitioner Assistant includes primary and specialty care in radiology practice settings in rural and urban areas.

Version: NCCU Provider Taxonomy Version 18.1

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