261QM2500X Taxonomy Code - Medical Specialty

Taxonomy Code


Ambulatory Health Care Facilities


Medical Specialty

NCCU Provider Taxonomy Version 17.1

An entity, facility, or distinct part of a facility providing diagnostic, treatment, and prescriptive services related to a specific area of medical specialization. Frequently used for Title V related Children's Specialty services or to meet specific public health needs (e.g., infectious diseases or breast and cervical cancer).

Level III - Area of Specialization

Related Taxonomy Codes

No. Taxonomy Code Taxonomy Clasification Taxonomy Specialization
1 261Q00000X Clinic/Center
2 261QA0005X Clinic/Center Ambulatory Family Planning Facility
3 261QA0006X Clinic/Center Ambulatory Fertility Facility
4 261QA0600X Clinic/Center Adult Day Care
5 261QA0900X Clinic/Center Amputee
6 261QA1903X Clinic/Center Ambulatory Surgical
7 261QA3000X Clinic/Center Augmentative Communication
8 261QB0400X Clinic/Center Birthing
9 261QC0050X Clinic/Center Critical Access Hospital
10 261QC1500X Clinic/Center Community Health
11 261QC1800X Clinic/Center Corporate Health
12 261QD0000X Clinic/Center Dental
13 261QD1600X Clinic/Center Developmental Disabilities
14 261QE0002X Clinic/Center Emergency Care
15 261QE0700X Clinic/Center End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Treatment
16 261QE0800X Clinic/Center Endoscopy
17 261QF0050X Clinic/Center Family Planning, Non-Surgical
18 261QF0400X Clinic/Center Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)
19 261QG0250X Clinic/Center Genetics
20 261QH0100X Clinic/Center Health Service
21 261QH0700X Clinic/Center Hearing and Speech
22 261QI0500X Clinic/Center Infusion Therapy
23 261QL0400X Clinic/Center Lithotripsy
24 261QM0801X Clinic/Center Mental Health (Including Community Mental Health Center)
25 261QM0850X Clinic/Center Adult Mental Health
26 261QM0855X Clinic/Center Adolescent and Children Mental Health
27 261QM1000X Clinic/Center Migrant Health
28 261QM1100X Clinic/Center Military/U.S. Coast Guard Outpatient
29 261QM1101X Clinic/Center Military and U.S. Coast Guard Ambulatory Procedure
30 261QM1102X Clinic/Center Military Outpatient Operational (Transportable) Component
31 261QM1103X Clinic/Center Military Ambulatory Procedure Visits Operational (Transportable)
32 261QM1200X Clinic/Center Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
33 261QM1300X Clinic/Center Multi-Specialty
34 261QM2800X Clinic/Center Methadone Clinic
35 261QM3000X Clinic/Center Medically Fragile Intants and Children Day Care
36 261QP0904X Clinic/Center Public Health, Federal
37 261QP0905X Clinic/Center Public Health, State or Local
38 261QP1100X Clinic/Center Podiatric
39 261QP2000X Clinic/Center Physical Therapy
40 261QP2300X Clinic/Center Primary Care
41 261QP2400X Clinic/Center Prison Health
42 261QP3300X Clinic/Center Pain
43 261QR0200X Clinic/Center Radiology
44 261QR0206X Clinic/Center Radiology, Mammography
45 261QR0207X Clinic/Center Radiology, Mobile Mammography
46 261QR0208X Clinic/Center Radiology, Mobile
47 261QR0400X Clinic/Center Rehabilitation
48 261QR0401X Clinic/Center Rehabilitation, Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF)
49 261QR0404X Clinic/Center Rehabilitation, Cardiac Facilities
50 261QR0405X Clinic/Center Rehabilitation, Substance Use Disorder
51 261QR0800X Clinic/Center Recovery Care
52 261QR1100X Clinic/Center Research
53 261QR1300X Clinic/Center Rural Health
54 261QS0112X Clinic/Center Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
55 261QS0132X Clinic/Center Ophthalmologic Surgery
56 261QS1000X Clinic/Center Student Health
57 261QS1200X Clinic/Center Sleep Disorder Diagnostic
58 261QU0200X Clinic/Center Urgent Care
59 261QV0200X Clinic/Center VA
60 261QX0100X Clinic/Center Occupational Medicine
61 261QX0200X Clinic/Center Oncology
62 261QX0203X Clinic/Center Oncology, Radiation

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