List of HCPCS codes for: Medical Services (M-codes) - Group M0

HCPCS Code: M0064
Short Description: Visit for drug monitoring
Long Description: Brief office visit for the sole purpose of monitoring or changing drug prescriptions used in the treatment of mental psychoneurotic and personality disorders

HCPCS Code: M0075
Short Description: Cellular therapy
Long Description: Cellular therapy

HCPCS Code: M0076
Short Description: Prolotherapy
Long Description: Prolotherapy

HCPCS Code: M0100
Short Description: Intragastric hypothermia
Long Description: Intragastric hypothermia using gastric freezing

HCPCS Code: M0300
Short Description: Iv chelationtherapy
Long Description: Iv chelation therapy (chemical endarterectomy)

HCPCS Code: M0301
Short Description: Fabric wrapping of aneurysm
Long Description: Fabric wrapping of abdominal aneurysm