List of HCPCS codes for: Temporary Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (C-codes) - Group C1

HCPCS Code: C1300
Short Description: Hyperbaric oxygen
Long Description: Hyperbaric oxygen under pressure, full body chamber, per 30 minute interval

HCPCS Code: C1713
Short Description: Anchor/screw bn/bn,tis/bn
Long Description: Anchor/screw for opposing bone-to-bone or soft tissue-to-bone (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1714
Short Description: Cath, trans atherectomy, dir
Long Description: Catheter, transluminal atherectomy, directional

HCPCS Code: C1715
Short Description: Brachytherapy needle
Long Description: Brachytherapy needle

HCPCS Code: C1716
Short Description: Brachytx, non-str, gold-198
Long Description: Brachytherapy source, non-stranded, gold-198, per source

HCPCS Code: C1717
Short Description: Brachytx, non-str,hdr ir-192
Long Description: Brachytherapy source, non-stranded, high dose rate iridium-192, per source

HCPCS Code: C1719
Short Description: Brachytx, ns, non-hdrir-192
Long Description: Brachytherapy source, non-stranded, non-high dose rate iridium-192, per source

HCPCS Code: C1721
Short Description: Aicd, dual chamber
Long Description: Cardioverter-defibrillator, dual chamber (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1722
Short Description: Aicd, single chamber
Long Description: Cardioverter-defibrillator, single chamber (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1724
Short Description: Cath, trans atherec,rotation
Long Description: Catheter, transluminal atherectomy, rotational

HCPCS Code: C1725
Short Description: Cath, translumin non-laser
Long Description: Catheter, transluminal angioplasty, non-laser (may include guidance, infusion/perfusion capability)

HCPCS Code: C1726
Short Description: Cath, bal dil, non-vascular
Long Description: Catheter, balloon dilatation, non-vascular

HCPCS Code: C1727
Short Description: Cath, bal tis dis, non-vas
Long Description: Catheter, balloon tissue dissector, non-vascular (insertable)

HCPCS Code: C1728
Short Description: Cath, brachytx seed adm
Long Description: Catheter, brachytherapy seed administration

HCPCS Code: C1729
Short Description: Cath, drainage
Long Description: Catheter, drainage

HCPCS Code: C1730
Short Description: Cath, ep, 19 or few elect
Long Description: Catheter, electrophysiology, diagnostic, other than 3d mapping (19 or fewer electrodes)

HCPCS Code: C1731
Short Description: Cath, ep, 20 or more elec
Long Description: Catheter, electrophysiology, diagnostic, other than 3d mapping (20 or more electrodes)

HCPCS Code: C1732
Short Description: Cath, ep, diag/abl, 3d/vect
Long Description: Catheter, electrophysiology, diagnostic/ablation, 3d or vector mapping

HCPCS Code: C1733
Short Description: Cath, ep, othr than cool-tip
Long Description: Catheter, electrophysiology, diagnostic/ablation, other than 3d or vector mapping, other than cool-tip

HCPCS Code: C1749
Short Description: Endo, colon, retro imaging
Long Description: Endoscope, retrograde imaging/illumination colonoscope device (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1750
Short Description: Cath, hemodialysis,long-term
Long Description: Catheter, hemodialysis/peritoneal, long-term

HCPCS Code: C1751
Short Description: Cath, inf, per/cent/midline
Long Description: Catheter, infusion, inserted peripherally, centrally or midline (other than hemodialysis)

HCPCS Code: C1752
Short Description: Cath,hemodialysis,short-term
Long Description: Catheter, hemodialysis/peritoneal, short-term

HCPCS Code: C1753
Short Description: Cath, intravas ultrasound
Long Description: Catheter, intravascular ultrasound

HCPCS Code: C1754
Short Description: Catheter, intradiscal
Long Description: Catheter, intradiscal

HCPCS Code: C1755
Short Description: Catheter, intraspinal
Long Description: Catheter, intraspinal

HCPCS Code: C1756
Short Description: Cath, pacing, transesoph
Long Description: Catheter, pacing, transesophageal

HCPCS Code: C1757
Short Description: Cath, thrombectomy/embolect
Long Description: Catheter, thrombectomy/embolectomy

HCPCS Code: C1758
Short Description: Catheter, ureteral
Long Description: Catheter, ureteral

HCPCS Code: C1759
Short Description: Cath, intra echocardiography
Long Description: Catheter, intracardiac echocardiography

HCPCS Code: C1760
Short Description: Closure dev, vasc
Long Description: Closure device, vascular (implantable/insertable)

HCPCS Code: C1762
Short Description: Conn tiss, human(inc fascia)
Long Description: Connective tissue, human (includes fascia lata)

HCPCS Code: C1763
Short Description: Conn tiss, non-human
Long Description: Connective tissue, non-human (includes synthetic)

HCPCS Code: C1764
Short Description: Event recorder, cardiac
Long Description: Event recorder, cardiac (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1765
Short Description: Adhesion barrier
Long Description: Adhesion barrier

HCPCS Code: C1766
Short Description: Intro/sheath,strble,non-peel
Long Description: Introducer/sheath, guiding, intracardiac electrophysiological, steerable, other than peel-away

HCPCS Code: C1767
Short Description: Generator, neuro non-recharg
Long Description: Generator, neurostimulator (implantable), non-rechargeable

HCPCS Code: C1768
Short Description: Graft, vascular
Long Description: Graft, vascular

HCPCS Code: C1769
Short Description: Guide wire
Long Description: Guide wire

HCPCS Code: C1770
Short Description: Imaging coil, mr, insertable
Long Description: Imaging coil, magnetic resonance (insertable)

HCPCS Code: C1771
Short Description: Rep dev, urinary, w/sling
Long Description: Repair device, urinary, incontinence, with sling graft

HCPCS Code: C1772
Short Description: Infusion pump, programmable
Long Description: Infusion pump, programmable (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1773
Short Description: Ret dev, insertable
Long Description: Retrieval device, insertable (used to retrieve fractured medical devices)

HCPCS Code: C1776
Short Description: Joint device (implantable)
Long Description: Joint device (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1777
Short Description: Lead, aicd, endo single coil
Long Description: Lead, cardioverter-defibrillator, endocardial single coil (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1778
Short Description: Lead, neurostimulator
Long Description: Lead, neurostimulator (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1779
Short Description: Lead, pmkr, transvenous vdd
Long Description: Lead, pacemaker, transvenous vdd single pass

HCPCS Code: C1780
Short Description: Lens, intraocular (new tech)
Long Description: Lens, intraocular (new technology)

HCPCS Code: C1781
Short Description: Mesh (implantable)
Long Description: Mesh (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1782
Short Description: Morcellator
Long Description: Morcellator

HCPCS Code: C1783
Short Description: Ocular imp, aqueous drain de
Long Description: Ocular implant, aqueous drainage assist device

HCPCS Code: C1784
Short Description: Ocular dev, intraop, det ret
Long Description: Ocular device, intraoperative, detached retina

HCPCS Code: C1785
Short Description: Pmkr, dual, rate-resp
Long Description: Pacemaker, dual chamber, rate-responsive (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1786
Short Description: Pmkr, single, rate-resp
Long Description: Pacemaker, single chamber, rate-responsive (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1787
Short Description: Patient progr, neurostim
Long Description: Patient programmer, neurostimulator

HCPCS Code: C1788
Short Description: Port, indwelling, imp
Long Description: Port, indwelling (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1789
Short Description: Prosthesis, breast, imp
Long Description: Prosthesis, breast (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1813
Short Description: Prosthesis, penile, inflatab
Long Description: Prosthesis, penile, inflatable

HCPCS Code: C1814
Short Description: Retinal tamp, silicone oil
Long Description: Retinal tamponade device, silicone oil

HCPCS Code: C1815
Short Description: Pros, urinary sph, imp
Long Description: Prosthesis, urinary sphincter (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1816
Short Description: Receiver/transmitter, neuro
Long Description: Receiver and/or transmitter, neurostimulator (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1817
Short Description: Septal defect imp sys
Long Description: Septal defect implant system, intracardiac

HCPCS Code: C1818
Short Description: Integrated keratoprosthesis
Long Description: Integrated keratoprosthesis

HCPCS Code: C1819
Short Description: Tissue localization-excision
Long Description: Surgical tissue localization and excision device (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1820
Short Description: Generator neuro rechg bat sy
Long Description: Generator, neurostimulator (implantable), with rechargeable battery and charging system

HCPCS Code: C1821
Short Description: Interspinous implant
Long Description: Interspinous process distraction device (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1822
Short Description: Gen, neuro, hf, rechg bat
Long Description: Generator, neurostimulator (implantable), high frequency, with rechargeable battery and charging system

HCPCS Code: C1830
Short Description: Power bone marrow bx needle
Long Description: Powered bone marrow biopsy needle

HCPCS Code: C1840
Short Description: Telescopic intraocular lens
Long Description: Lens, intraocular (telescopic)

HCPCS Code: C1841
Short Description: Retinal prosth int/ext comp
Long Description: Retinal prosthesis, includes all internal and external components

HCPCS Code: C1842
Short Description: Retinal prosth, add-on
Long Description: Retinal prosthesis, includes all internal and external components; add-on to c1841

HCPCS Code: C1874
Short Description: Stent, coated/cov w/del sys
Long Description: Stent, coated/covered, with delivery system

HCPCS Code: C1875
Short Description: Stent, coated/cov w/o del sy
Long Description: Stent, coated/covered, without delivery system

HCPCS Code: C1876
Short Description: Stent, non-coa/non-cov w/del
Long Description: Stent, non-coated/non-covered, with delivery system

HCPCS Code: C1877
Short Description: Stent, non-coat/cov w/o del
Long Description: Stent, non-coated/non-covered, without delivery system

HCPCS Code: C1878
Short Description: Matrl for vocal cord
Long Description: Material for vocal cord medialization, synthetic (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1880
Short Description: Vena cava filter
Long Description: Vena cava filter

HCPCS Code: C1881
Short Description: Dialysis access system
Long Description: Dialysis access system (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1882
Short Description: Aicd, other than sing/dual
Long Description: Cardioverter-defibrillator, other than single or dual chamber (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1883
Short Description: Adapt/ext, pacing/neuro lead
Long Description: Adapter/extension, pacing lead or neurostimulator lead (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1884
Short Description: Embolization protect syst
Long Description: Embolization protective system

HCPCS Code: C1885
Short Description: Cath, translumin angio laser
Long Description: Catheter, transluminal angioplasty, laser

HCPCS Code: C1886
Short Description: Catheter, ablation
Long Description: Catheter, extravascular tissue ablation, any modality (insertable)

HCPCS Code: C1887
Short Description: Catheter, guiding
Long Description: Catheter, guiding (may include infusion/perfusion capability)

HCPCS Code: C1888
Short Description: Endovas non-cardiac abl cath
Long Description: Catheter, ablation, non-cardiac, endovascular (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1889
Short Description: Implant/insert device, noc
Long Description: Implantable/insertable device for device intensive procedure, not otherwise classified

HCPCS Code: C1891
Short Description: Infusion pump,non-prog, perm
Long Description: Infusion pump, non-programmable, permanent (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1892
Short Description: Intro/sheath,fixed,peel-away
Long Description: Introducer/sheath, guiding, intracardiac electrophysiological, fixed-curve, peel-away

HCPCS Code: C1893
Short Description: Intro/sheath, fixed,non-peel
Long Description: Introducer/sheath, guiding, intracardiac electrophysiological, fixed-curve, other than peel-away

HCPCS Code: C1894
Short Description: Intro/sheath, non-laser
Long Description: Introducer/sheath, other than guiding, other than intracardiac electrophysiological, non-laser

HCPCS Code: C1895
Short Description: Lead, aicd, endo dual coil
Long Description: Lead, cardioverter-defibrillator, endocardial dual coil (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1896
Short Description: Lead, aicd, non sing/dual
Long Description: Lead, cardioverter-defibrillator, other than endocardial single or dual coil (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1897
Short Description: Lead, neurostim test kit
Long Description: Lead, neurostimulator test kit (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1898
Short Description: Lead, pmkr, other than trans
Long Description: Lead, pacemaker, other than transvenous vdd single pass

HCPCS Code: C1899
Short Description: Lead, pmkr/aicd combination
Long Description: Lead, pacemaker/cardioverter-defibrillator combination (implantable)

HCPCS Code: C1900
Short Description: Lead, coronary venous
Long Description: Lead, left ventricular coronary venous system