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Diagnosis Code: H53.8

Short Description: Other visual disturbances

Long Description: Other visual disturbances

The code H53.8 is VALID for claim submission

Code Classification:

  • Diseases of the eye and adnexa (H00–H59)
    • Visual disturbances and blindness (H53-H54)
      • Visual disturbances (H53)
        • H53.8 Other visual disturbances

Code Version: 2022 ICD-10-CM


  • Abnormal response to visual stimuli
  • Absent response to visual stimuli
  • Accommodation phosphene
  • After image
  • Afterimage
  • Alcoholic amblyopia
  • Blurring of visual image
  • Bradyopsia
  • Chromatic aberration of vision
  • Clarity of visual image - finding
  • Coma wavefront aberration
  • Conjugated visual deviation
  • Curtain across vision
  • Delayed visual maturation
  • Difficulty seeing close objects
  • Difficulty seeing distant objects
  • Diplopia
  • Dysphotopsia
  • Dysphotopsia
  • Eccentric viewing
  • Entoptic phenomenon
  • Entoptic phenomenon
  • Eyes sensitive to light
  • Fading of visual image
  • Finding of response to visual stimuli
  • Finding of response to visual stimuli
  • Finding related to focusing
  • General reaction to light - finding
  • General reaction to light - finding
  • Haidinger brushes
  • Hazy vision
  • Higher-order aberration of vision
  • Higher-order wavefront aberration
  • Higher-order wavefront aberration
  • Higher-order wavefront aberration
  • Holds objects close
  • Left eye perceives light only
  • Lower-order aberration of vision
  • Lower-order wavefront aberration
  • Misjudges distances
  • Monocular diplopia
  • Monovision
  • Multiple visual images
  • Negative dysphotopsia
  • Nutritional amblyopia
  • Ocular accommodation - finding
  • Pain in eye
  • Palinopsia
  • Perceives light only
  • Perceives light only
  • Phosphene
  • Photophobia
  • Poor visual acuity
  • Positive dysphotopsia
  • Quadrafoil wavefront aberration
  • Quality of visual image - finding
  • Quality of visual image - finding
  • Quality of visual image - finding
  • Quality of visual image - finding
  • Refraction measurement - finding
  • Refractive polyopia
  • Refractive power - finding
  • Right eye perceives light only
  • Scotopic sensitivity
  • Slow to focus
  • Speed of focus - finding
  • Spherical aberration of vision
  • Staring at diffuse light source
  • Superimposition
  • Temporal crescent syndrome
  • Tobacco amblyopia
  • Toxic amblyopia
  • Toxic optic neuropathy
  • Trefoil wavefront aberration
  • Visual acuity PL - inaccurate projection
  • Visual behavior - finding
  • Visual behavior - finding
  • Visual behavior - finding
  • Visual image fades and reappears
  • Visual image lingers
  • Visual obscuration
  • Visual snow syndrome
  • Wavefront aberration
  • Wavefront aberration
  • Wavefront aberration
  • Wavefront aberration

Diagnostic Related Group(s)

The code H53.8 is grouped in the following Diagnostic Related Group(s) (MS-DRG v39.0)
  • Other Disorders Of The Eye With Mcc (124)
  • Other Disorders Of The Eye Without Mcc (125)

Crosswalk Information

ICD-10 Code ICD-9 Code ICD-9 Description
H53.8 Right Arrow 368.8 Visual disturbances NEC

This ICD-10 to ICD-9 data is based on the 2018 General Equivalency Mapping (GEM) files published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for informational purposes only. The data is not an ICD-10 conversion tool and doesn’t guarantee clinical accuracy.

Similar Codes

ICD-10 Code ICD-10 Description
H53 Visual disturbances
H53.0 Amblyopia ex anopsia
H53.00 Unspecified amblyopia
H53.001 Unspecified amblyopia, right eye
H53.002 Unspecified amblyopia, left eye
H53.003 Unspecified amblyopia, bilateral
H53.009 Unspecified amblyopia, unspecified eye
H53.01 Deprivation amblyopia
H53.011 Deprivation amblyopia, right eye
H53.012 Deprivation amblyopia, left eye
H53.013 Deprivation amblyopia, bilateral
H53.019 Deprivation amblyopia, unspecified eye
H53.02 Refractive amblyopia
H53.021 Refractive amblyopia, right eye
H53.022 Refractive amblyopia, left eye
H53.023 Refractive amblyopia, bilateral
H53.029 Refractive amblyopia, unspecified eye
H53.03 Strabismic amblyopia
H53.031 Strabismic amblyopia, right eye
H53.032 Strabismic amblyopia, left eye
H53.033 Strabismic amblyopia, bilateral
H53.039 Strabismic amblyopia, unspecified eye
H53.04 Amblyopia suspect
H53.041 Amblyopia suspect, right eye
H53.042 Amblyopia suspect, left eye
H53.043 Amblyopia suspect, bilateral
H53.049 Amblyopia suspect, unspecified eye
H53.1 Subjective visual disturbances
H53.10 Unspecified subjective visual disturbances
H53.11 Day blindness
H53.12 Transient visual loss
H53.121 Transient visual loss, right eye
H53.122 Transient visual loss, left eye
H53.123 Transient visual loss, bilateral
H53.129 Transient visual loss, unspecified eye
H53.13 Sudden visual loss
H53.131 Sudden visual loss, right eye
H53.132 Sudden visual loss, left eye
H53.133 Sudden visual loss, bilateral
H53.139 Sudden visual loss, unspecified eye
H53.14 Visual discomfort
H53.141 Visual discomfort, right eye
H53.142 Visual discomfort, left eye
H53.143 Visual discomfort, bilateral
H53.149 Visual discomfort, unspecified
H53.15 Visual distortions of shape and size
H53.16 Psychophysical visual disturbances
H53.19 Other subjective visual disturbances
H53.2 Diplopia
H53.3 Other and unspecified disorders of binocular vision
H53.30 Unspecified disorder of binocular vision
H53.31 Abnormal retinal correspondence
H53.32 Fusion with defective stereopsis
H53.33 Simultaneous visual perception without fusion
H53.34 Suppression of binocular vision
H53.4 Visual field defects
H53.40 Unspecified visual field defects
H53.41 Scotoma involving central area
H53.411 Scotoma involving central area, right eye
H53.412 Scotoma involving central area, left eye
H53.413 Scotoma involving central area, bilateral
H53.419 Scotoma involving central area, unspecified eye
H53.42 Scotoma of blind spot area
H53.421 Scotoma of blind spot area, right eye
H53.422 Scotoma of blind spot area, left eye
H53.423 Scotoma of blind spot area, bilateral
H53.429 Scotoma of blind spot area, unspecified eye
H53.43 Sector or arcuate defects
H53.431 Sector or arcuate defects, right eye
H53.432 Sector or arcuate defects, left eye
H53.433 Sector or arcuate defects, bilateral
H53.439 Sector or arcuate defects, unspecified eye
H53.45 Other localized visual field defect
H53.451 Other localized visual field defect, right eye
H53.452 Other localized visual field defect, left eye
H53.453 Other localized visual field defect, bilateral
H53.459 Other localized visual field defect, unspecified eye
H53.46 Homonymous bilateral field defects
H53.461 Homonymous bilateral field defects, right side
H53.462 Homonymous bilateral field defects, left side
H53.469 Homonymous bilateral field defects, unspecified side
H53.47 Heteronymous bilateral field defects
H53.48 Generalized contraction of visual field
H53.481 Generalized contraction of visual field, right eye
H53.482 Generalized contraction of visual field, left eye
H53.483 Generalized contraction of visual field, bilateral
H53.489 Generalized contraction of visual field, unspecified eye
H53.5 Color vision deficiencies
H53.50 Unspecified color vision deficiencies
H53.51 Achromatopsia
H53.52 Acquired color vision deficiency
H53.53 Deuteranomaly
H53.54 Protanomaly
H53.55 Tritanomaly
H53.59 Other color vision deficiencies
H53.6 Night blindness
H53.60 Unspecified night blindness
H53.61 Abnormal dark adaptation curve
H53.62 Acquired night blindness
H53.63 Congenital night blindness
H53.69 Other night blindness
H53.7 Vision sensitivity deficiencies
H53.71 Glare sensitivity
H53.72 Impaired contrast sensitivity
H53.9 Unspecified visual disturbance

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