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Code Information

Diagnosis Code: H71.9

Short Description: Unspecified cholesteatoma

Long Description: Unspecified cholesteatoma

The code H71.9 is NOT VALID for claim submission

Code Classification:

  • Diseases of the ear and mastoid process (H60–H95)
    • Diseases of middle ear and mastoid (H65-H75)
      • Cholesteatoma of middle ear (H71)
        • H71.9 Unspecified cholesteatoma

Code Version: 2020 ICD-10-CM

Similar Codes

ICD-10 Code ICD-10 Description
H71 Cholesteatoma of middle ear
H71.0 Cholesteatoma of attic
H71.00 Cholesteatoma of attic, unspecified ear
H71.01 Cholesteatoma of attic, right ear
H71.02 Cholesteatoma of attic, left ear
H71.03 Cholesteatoma of attic, bilateral
H71.1 Cholesteatoma of tympanum
H71.10 Cholesteatoma of tympanum, unspecified ear
H71.11 Cholesteatoma of tympanum, right ear
H71.12 Cholesteatoma of tympanum, left ear
H71.13 Cholesteatoma of tympanum, bilateral
H71.2 Cholesteatoma of mastoid
H71.20 Cholesteatoma of mastoid, unspecified ear
H71.21 Cholesteatoma of mastoid, right ear
H71.22 Cholesteatoma of mastoid, left ear
H71.23 Cholesteatoma of mastoid, bilateral
H71.3 Diffuse cholesteatosis
H71.30 Diffuse cholesteatosis, unspecified ear
H71.31 Diffuse cholesteatosis, right ear
H71.32 Diffuse cholesteatosis, left ear
H71.33 Diffuse cholesteatosis, bilateral
H71.90 Unspecified cholesteatoma, unspecified ear
H71.91 Unspecified cholesteatoma, right ear
H71.92 Unspecified cholesteatoma, left ear
H71.93 Unspecified cholesteatoma, bilateral

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