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Diagnosis Code: Q82.4

Short Description: Ectodermal dysplasia (anhidrotic)

Long Description: Ectodermal dysplasia (anhidrotic)

The code Q82.4 is VALID for claim submission

Code Classification:

  • Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities (Q00-Q99)
    • Other congenital malformations (Q80-Q89)
      • Other congenital malformations of skin (Q82)
        • Q82.4 Ectodermal dysplasia (anhidrotic)

Code Version: 2022 ICD-10-CM


  • Ackerman syndrome
  • Acrorenal field defect, ectodermal dysplasia, and lipoatrophic diabetes
  • Alopecia, onychodysplasia, hypohidrosis, deafness ectodermal dysplasia
  • Amelo-onycho-hypohidrotic syndrome
  • Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia with immune deficiency
  • Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, immunodeficiency, osteopetrosis, lymphedema syndrome
  • Anonychia
  • Anonychia with bizarre flexural pigmentation
  • Arthrogryposis and ectodermal dysplasia syndrome
  • Autosomal dominant hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia syndrome
  • Basan syndrome
  • Berlin syndrome
  • Blepharocheilodontic syndrome
  • Book syndrome
  • BRESEK syndrome
  • Cerebellar ataxia and ectodermal dysplasia
  • Congenital anomaly of macula
  • Congenital anomaly of oral mucosa
  • Congenital hypoplasia of breast
  • Contracture with ectodermal dysplasia and orofacial cleft syndrome
  • Cranioectodermal dysplasia
  • Curly hair, ankyloblepharon, nail dysplasia syndrome
  • Curry-Hall syndrome
  • Cutaneous syndrome with ichthyosis
  • Dento-oculocutaneous syndrome
  • Dermodental dysplasia
  • Dermo-odonto dysplasia
  • Dermotrichic syndrome
  • Ectodermal dysplasia
  • Ectodermal dysplasia and sensorineural deafness syndrome
  • Ectodermal dysplasia syndactyly syndrome
  • Ectodermal dysplasia trichoodontoonychial type
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with blindness syndrome
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with ectrodactyly and macular dystrophy syndrome
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with hair-nail defect
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with hair-tooth defects
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with hair-tooth-nail defects
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with hair-tooth-nail-sweating defect
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with nail defect
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with natal teeth Turnpenny type
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with sweating defect
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with tooth-nail defects
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with tooth-nail-sweating defect
  • Ectodermal dysplasia with tooth-sweating defect
  • Ectodermal dysplasia, intellectual disability, central nervous system malformation syndrome
  • Ectodermal dysplasia, syndactyly and pili torti
  • Ectodermal dysplasia-ocular malformation syndrome
  • Ectodermal syndrome with hair-sweating defects
  • Ectodermal syndrome with hair-tooth-sweating defects
  • Focal facial dermal dysplasia
  • Focal facial dermal dysplasia type I
  • Focal facial dermal dysplasia type II
  • Focal facial dermal dysplasia type III
  • Focal facial dermal dysplasia type IV
  • Fried's tooth and nail syndrome
  • Genetic defect of hair shaft
  • Genetic defect of hair shaft
  • Greither type of ectodermal dysplasia
  • Hay-Wells syndrome of ectodermal dysplasia
  • Hypohidrosis
  • Hypohidrosis-diabetes insipidus syndrome
  • Hypohidrotic X-linked ectodermal dysplasia
  • Johanson-Blizzard syndrome
  • Keratitis ichthyosis and deafness syndrome
  • Kirman syndrome
  • Lelis syndrome
  • Limb mammary syndrome
  • Marshall syndrome
  • Melanosis of mucosa of body orifice
  • Nail and tooth abnormalities, marginal palmoplantar keratoderma, oral hyperpigmentation syndrome
  • Neonatal tooth
  • Oculoosteocutaneous syndrome
  • Odonto onycho dysplasia with alopecia syndrome
  • Odontomicronychial ectodermal dysplasia
  • Odonto-onychial dysplasia with alopecia
  • Odonto-onycho-dermal dysplasia
  • Odonto-tricho-ungual-digito-palmar syndrome
  • Onycho-tricho-dysplasia neutropenia syndrome
  • Pilodental dysplasia, refractive errors syndrome
  • Premature tooth eruption
  • Robinson nail dystrophy-deafness syndrome
  • Roselli-Gulienetti ectodermal dysplasia
  • Sabinas brittle hair syndrome
  • Salamon's syndrome
  • Sandman-Andra syndrome
  • Schinzel-Giedion syndrome
  • Schoepf-Schulz-Passage syndrome
  • Senter syndrome
  • Tricho-dento-osseous syndrome
  • Trichodermodysplasia and dental alterations syndrome
  • Trichodysplasia with amelogenesis imperfecta syndrome
  • Tricho-oculodermovertebral syndrome
  • Trichoodontoonychial dysplasia
  • Tricho-onychodental dysplasia
  • Trichothiodystrophy
  • Trichothiodystrophy
  • Zlotogora Ogur syndrome

Diagnostic Related Group(s)

The code Q82.4 is grouped in the following Diagnostic Related Group(s) (MS-DRG v39.0)
  • Minor Skin Disorders With Mcc (606)
  • Minor Skin Disorders Without Mcc (607)

References to Index of Diseases and Injuries

The code Q82.4 has the following ICD-10-CM references to the Index of Diseases and Injuries
  • Type 1 Excludes Notes:
    • Ellis-van Creveld syndrome (@Q77.6*)

Crosswalk Information

ICD-10 Code ICD-9 Code ICD-9 Description
Q82.4 Right Arrow 757.31 Cong ectodermal dysplas

This ICD-10 to ICD-9 data is based on the 2018 General Equivalency Mapping (GEM) files published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for informational purposes only. The data is not an ICD-10 conversion tool and doesn’t guarantee clinical accuracy.

Similar Codes

ICD-10 Code ICD-10 Description
Q82 Other congenital malformations of skin
Q82.0 Hereditary lymphedema
Q82.1 Xeroderma pigmentosum
Q82.2 Congenital cutaneous mastocytosis
Q82.3 Incontinentia pigmenti
Q82.5 Congenital non-neoplastic nevus
Q82.6 Congenital sacral dimple
Q82.8 Other specified congenital malformations of skin
Q82.9 Congenital malformation of skin, unspecified

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