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Code Information

Diagnosis Code: 710.9

Short Description: Diff connect tis dis NOS

Long Description: Unspecified diffuse connective tissue disease

Code Classification:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue (710–739)
    • Arthropathies and related disorders (710-719)
      • 710 Diffuse diseases of connective tissue
        • 710.9 Diff connect tis dis NOS

Code Version: 2015 ICD-9-CM


  • Collagen and elastic tissue disorders affecting skin
  • Collagen disease
  • Connective tissue disease overlap syndrome
  • Connective tissue disorder by body site
  • Connective tissue hereditary disorder
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy associated with connective tissue disorder
  • Disorder of connective tissue
  • Disorder of finger
  • Disorder of mucous membrane
  • Disorder of toe
  • Extensive congenital erosions, vesicles and reticulate scarring
  • Interstitial lung disease due to collagen vascular disease
  • Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorder
  • Necrotizing vasculitis secondary to connective tissue disease
  • Overlap syndrome
  • Pericarditis due to vasculitis and connective tissue disease
  • Pericarditis secondary to collagen vascular disease
  • Poikiloderma due to connective tissue disease
  • Polyneuropathy in collagen malignant disease
  • Pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with connective tissue disease
  • Reactive perforating collagenosis
  • Renal tubulo-interstitial disorders in systemic connective tissue disorders
  • Solitary infantile myofibromatosis
  • Undifferentiated connective tissue disease

References to Index of Diseases and Injuries

The code 710.9 has the following ICD-9-CM references to the Index of Diseases and Injuries
  • Collagen disease NEC 710.9
    • nonvascular 710.9
    • vascular (allergic) (see also Angiitis, hypersensitivity) 446.20
  • Collagenosis (see also Collagen disease) 710.9
    • cardiovascular 425.4
    • mediastinal 519.3
  • Disease, diseased - see also Syndrome
    • collagen NEC 710.9
      • nonvascular 710.9
      • specified NEC 710.8
      • vascular (allergic) (see also Angiitis, hypersensitivity) 446.20
    • connective tissue, diffuse (see also Disease, collagen) 710.9
    • mesenchymal 710.9
  • Dyscollagenosis 710.9
  • Polyneuropathy (peripheral) 356.9
    • in
      • collagen vascular disease NEC 710.9 [357.1]
  • Skin - see also condition
    • hidebound 710.9

Crosswalk Information

The code 710.9 converts into the following ICD-10 code(s):
ICD-9 Code ICD-10 Code ICD-10 Description
710.9 Right Arrow M35.9 Systemic involvement of connective tissue, unspecified
This ICD-9 to ICD-10 data is based on the 2018 General Equivalency Mapping (GEM) files published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for informational purposes only. The data is not an ICD-10 conversion tool and doesn’t guarantee clinical accuracy.

Similar Codes

ICD-9 Code ICD-9 Description
710.0 Systemic lupus erythematosus
710.1 Systemic sclerosis
710.2 Sicca syndrome
710.3 Dermatomyositis
710.4 Polymyositis
710.5 Eosinophilia myalgia syndrome
710.8 Other specified diffuse diseases of connective tissue

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