HC - National Drug Code Directory

NDC Proprietary Name Non Proprietary Name Labeler Name
0295-6629 HC Max Anti Fungal Tolnaftate 1% Denison Pharmaceuticals, LLC
55505-195 HC Max Anti-Fungal Tolnaftate Kramer Laboratories
55505-203 HC Max For Athletes Foot Tolnaftate Kramer Laboratories
55505-194 HC MAX FOR JOCK ITCH Tolnaftate Kramer Laboratories
0295-1032 HC Max Hongo Cura Undecylenic acid Denison Pharmaceuticals, LLC.
55505-181 HC Max Hongo Cura Zinc Undecylenate Undecylenic acid Kramer Laboratories
55505-182 HC Max Hongo Cura Undecylenic acid Kramer Laboratories
55505-186 HC Max Hongo Cura Tolnaftate Kramer Laboratories
64616-093 HCB-Res Heart,Circulatory System and Blood Booster Vitality Works, Inc.
64616-094 HCB-Tone Heart Muscle Aid Vitality Works, Inc.
48951-5086 HCG 30/15/8 Special Order HCG 30/15/8 Special Order Uriel Pharmacy Inc.
57520-0502 HCG Cleanse Apotheca Company
57520-0340 HCG Cord Apotheca Company
57520-0341 HCG Cord Apotheca Company
57520-0387 hCG Detox Apotheca Company
57520-0609 hCG Formula Apotheca Company
57520-0181 HCG Formula Apotheca Company
54118-7188 HCG Plus ABCO Laboratories, Inc.
54118-7232 HCG Plus ABCO Laboratories, Inc.
57520-0382 HCG Select Female Vitality Formula Apotheca Company
57520-0333 HCG with Slimming Herbs Apotheca Company
57520-0473 HCGDelivery com Apotheca Company
57520-0453 hcgPLUS Apotheca Company
90068-101 HCIO disnfectant hypochlrous Shandong Longhe Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd.
77263-001 HClO disinfectant Hypochlorous acid Suzhou HVHA Medical Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
53175-002 HCS Roll-On Antiperspirant Aluminum Chlorohydrate Dyad Medical Sourcing, LLC