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NPIProvider NameNPI TypeTaxonomy
1700802550 DR. RACHELE FERRARO, D.C. Individual Chiropractor
1427111970 DR. MICHAEL PETER LANDE, D.C. Individual Chiropractor
1104316280 JOSEPH OSCAR WONG, DC Individual Chiropractor
1811452170 ADAM JACOBS INC. Organization Chiropractor
1851729818 ANJANNETTE PRICE, DC Individual Chiropractor (Thermography)
1760413496 DR. TAYLOR RABBETZ, D.C. Individual Chiropractor
1942386834 DR. ALLEN DAYTON HARRISON, D.C. Individual Chiropractor
1801916747 DR. CAROLINA SPROHNLE, D.C. Individual Chiropractor
1770879348 DR. LAURA CALCOTT AGNEW, D.C. Individual Chiropractor
1659936722 DR. JONATHAN WARREN, D.C. Individual Chiropractor
1376723544 THONGVICHIT CHIROPRACTIC CENTER Organization Chiropractor
1265556484 DR. CEDRIC AUGUSTINE HOLLEY Individual Chiropractor
1992926711 DR. GORDON L YEE, D.C. Individual Chiropractor
1558566349 OU CHIROPRACTIC, INC. Organization Chiropractor
1023057866 AUDREY J EGAN, D.C. Individual Chiropractor
1023706348 VALLEY CHIROPRACTIC SF, INC. Organization Chiropractor
1164569471 DR. DAVID KOON CHAN, DC Individual Chiropractor
1821015413 DR. DEBRA BLEEMER, DC Individual Chiropractor
1134276595 DR. SCOTT ROLAND SWANSON, DC Individual Chiropractor
1154407781 DR. JAM FLODIUS, D.C. Individual Chiropractor

What is NPI?

NPI stands for National Provider Identifier. The NPI is a 10-digit identification number that is completely unique. The NPI number by itself does not contain any identifiable information such as a provider’s speciality or location. The NPI is assigned to individuals or organizacions for their lifespan and it is independent of key provider information type updates like a change of practices, location or speciality.

This page was last updated on: 5/7/2023

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