247ZC0005X Taxonomy Code - Clinical Laboratory Director, Non-physician

Taxonomy Code

Code: 247ZC0005X

Type: Technologists, Technicians & Other Technical Service Providers

Classification: Pathology

Specialization: Clinical Laboratory Director, Non-physician

Level: Level III - Area of Specialization

Definition: An individual who is state-licensed as a clinical laboratory director and meets the qualifications in the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 for non-physicians (non-MD/DO) as defined in the CFR 42 Part 493.1405.

Version: NCCU Provider Taxonomy Version 18.1

Related Taxonomy Codes

Taxonomy Code Taxonomy Clasification Taxonomy Specialization
242T00000X Perfusionist
243U00000X Radiology Practitioner Assistant
246Q00000X Spec/Tech, Pathology
246QB0000X Spec/Tech, Pathology Blood Banking
246QC1000X Spec/Tech, Pathology Chemistry
246QC2700X Spec/Tech, Pathology Cytotechnology
246QH0000X Spec/Tech, Pathology Hematology
246QH0401X Spec/Tech, Pathology Hemapheresis Practitioner
246QH0600X Spec/Tech, Pathology Histology
246QI0000X Spec/Tech, Pathology Immunology
246QL0900X Spec/Tech, Pathology Laboratory Management
246QL0901X Spec/Tech, Pathology Laboratory Management, Diplomate
246QM0706X Spec/Tech, Pathology Medical Technologist
246QM0900X Spec/Tech, Pathology Microbiology
246R00000X Technician, Pathology
246RH0600X Technician, Pathology Histology
246RM2200X Technician, Pathology Medical Laboratory
246RP1900X Technician, Pathology Phlebotomy
246W00000X Technician, Cardiology
246X00000X Spec/Tech, Cardiovascular
246XC2901X Spec/Tech, Cardiovascular Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist
246XC2903X Spec/Tech, Cardiovascular Vascular Specialist
246XS1301X Spec/Tech, Cardiovascular Sonography
246Y00000X Spec/Tech, Health Info
246YC3301X Spec/Tech, Health Info Coding Specialist, Hospital Based
246YC3302X Spec/Tech, Health Info Coding Specialist, Physician Office Based
246YR1600X Spec/Tech, Health Info Registered Record Administrator
246Z00000X Specialist/Technologist, Other
246ZA2600X Specialist/Technologist, Other Art, Medical
246ZB0301X Specialist/Technologist, Other Biomedical Engineering

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