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NPIProvider NameNPI TypeTaxonomy
1407215700 SALAR AND DELISLE LLC Organization Dentist
1902299118 STEVEN DELISLE DDS P.C. Organization Dentist
1811101918 DR. GEORGE O HENDERSON, D.D.S. Individual Dentist
1205120524 JOHN CHADWICK SHEPPHIRD, D.M.D Individual Dentist
1801449160 STEVEN THOMAS CALDERWOOD, DDS Individual Dentist
1326102567 ERIC J HOMZE DDS Organization Dentist
1801223540 FALLON FAMILY DENTAL CARE Organization Dentist
1114131224 JAMES P SMERDON, D.M.D. Individual Dentist (General Practice)
1417243908 ANTHONY VINCENT GUILLEN, DMD Individual Dentist (General Practice)
1568632461 DR. BRAD MICHAEL MUNNINGER, DDS Individual Dentist (General Practice)
1104428333 DR. JASON SHELDON REID, DMD Individual Dentist (General Practice)
1225409063 MORRIGAN HANNAH DREW, D.D.S. Individual Dentist (General Practice)
1174678163 TOMAS KUTANSKY, D.D.S. Individual Dentist (General Practice)
1649260647 DR. JOSEPH EDWARD HANSEN, DMD Individual Dentist (General Practice)
1528113594 JASON EARL FERGUSON Individual Dentist (General Practice)
1609149343 DR. ERIC J HOMZE, D.D.S. Individual Dentist (General Practice)
1982979613 FERGUSON KUTANSKY, PLLC Organization Dentist (General Practice)
1760539670 GEORGE O. HENDERSON DDS LTD DBA THE DENTISTS' OFFICE Organization Dentist (General Practice)
1992723357 DR. DOUGLAS D. KARWOSKI, D.D.S. Individual Dentist (General Practice)
1104964055 TONY GUILLEN, DDS, APC Organization Dentist (General Practice)

What is NPI?

NPI stands for National Provider Identifier. The NPI is a 10-digit identification number that is completely unique. The NPI number by itself does not contain any identifiable information such as a provider’s speciality or location. The NPI is assigned to individuals or organizacions for their lifespan and it is independent of key provider information type updates like a change of practices, location or speciality.

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