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NPI Provider Name NPI Type Taxonomy
1033259841 JAMES W STRICKLAND MD PC Organization Orthopaedic Surgery (Hand Surgery)
1598700783 DR. MICHAEL E PANNUNZIO, M.D. Individual Orthopaedic Surgery (Hand Surgery)
1841244951 JEFFERY J SOLDATIS, MD Individual Orthopaedic Surgery
1336450733 INDIANA ORTHOPAEDIC CENTER Organization Orthopaedic Surgery
1033463971 ORTHOPAEDICS-INDIANAPOLIS, INC. Organization Orthopaedic Surgery
1619949708 FRANK JOHNSON, M.D. Individual Orthopaedic Surgery
1932102837 DR. PHILIP H IRELAND, M.D. Individual Orthopaedic Surgery
1821180100 ORTHOPAEDICS-INDIANAPOLIS, INC. Organization Orthopaedic Surgery
1720225394 ORTHOPAEDICS-INDIANAPOLIS, INC. Organization Orthopaedic Surgery
1376527192 DR. JEFFERY PIERSON, M.D. Individual Orthopaedic Surgery
1033377791 DR. STEPHEN PETER JACOBSEN, MD Individual Orthopaedic Surgery
1063551588 MICHAEL T THIEKEN, MD Individual Orthopaedic Surgery
1376506899 NORMAN MINDREBO, MD Individual Orthopaedic Surgery
1174681803 CENTRAL INDIANA ORTHOPEDICS PC Organization Orthopaedic Surgery
1932177821 DR. ANTHONY WARD FEHER, M.D. Individual Orthopaedic Surgery
1487736559 DR. THOMAS TRANCIK, MD Individual Orthopaedic Surgery
1740452291 DR. JONATHAN B SHOOK, MD Individual Orthopaedic Surgery
1952663262 DR. BARRETT STEVEN BOODY, M.D. Individual Orthopaedic Surgery (Orthopaedic Surgery of the Spine)
1518059815 ORTHOPAEDICS-INDIANAPOLIS, INC. Organization Orthopaedic Surgery
1306876388 NORTHSIDE ORTHOPAEDIC CENTER, PC Organization Orthopaedic Surgery

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