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NPI: 1811201627

Provider Name: MR. EUGENE FAIS, RPH

Classification: Pharmacist - 183500000X

Entity Type: Individual

1449 1ST AVE
ZIP 10021

Phone: (212) 535-7100

MR. Eugene Fais, RPH is a pharmacist in New York, NY. The provider is an individual licensed by the appropriate state regulatory agency to engage in the practice of pharmacy. The practice of pharmacy includes, but is not limited to, assessment, interpretation, evaluation, and implementation, initiation, monitoring or modification of medication and or medical orders; the compounding or dispensing of medication and or medical orders; participation in drug and device procurement, storage, and selection; drug administration; drug regimen reviews; drug or drug-related research; provision of patient education and the provision of those acts or services necessary to provide medication therapy management services in all areas of patient care. MR. Eugene Fais, RPH NPI is 1811201627. The provider is registered as an individual entity type.

The NPPES NPI record indicates the provider is a male.

The provider's business location address is:

1449 1ST AVE
ZIP 10021-002
Phone: (212) 535-7100
Fax: (212) 535-7101

The enumeration date for this NPI number is 8/4/2010 and was last updated on 8/4/2010.

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Taxonomy Codes

The NPI record includes the healthcare provider taxonomy classification, state license number and state of licensure. The following information regarding the scope of practice of this provider is available:

No. Taxonomy Code Taxonomy Clasification Taxonomy Specialization License Number License State Primary
1 183500000X Pharmacist 28RI01275200 NEW JERSEY No
2 183500000X Pharmacist 054280-1 NEW YORK Yes

What is NPI?
NPI stands for National Provider Identifier. The NPI is a 10-digit identification number that is completely unique. The NPI number by itself does not contain any identifiable information such as a provider’s speciality or location. The NPI is assigned to individuals or organizacions for their lifespan and it is independent of key provider information type updates like a change of practices, location or speciality.

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